Volume loss

Treatments for volume loss

Treatment : Dermal Fillers
Technology: Restylane®, Juvederm® 

Dermal fillers are injected beneath the skin to restore lost volume, smooth lines and soften creases, or enhance facial contours.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) based fillers, such as Restylane® and Juvederm®, are among the most widely used dermal fillers. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance found in the body. These fillers have uniquely formulated textures and densities in order to better address different needs.

Dermal fillers can replace lost volume to help smooth wrinkles, plump the lips and restore a more youthful appearance.


Treatment: Dermal Filler
Technology: Radiesse®

Radiesse® is a calcium hydroxyapatite based filler with a “mineral-like” compound which is found naturally in the body. The texture is significantly thicker than hyaluronic acid based fillers and is used to target deeper folds and wrinkles. It stimulates the growth of collagen thus helping improve the thickness and elasticity of the skin. It helps to correct, contour, and define individual areas of the face as well as the back of the hands.